Otra Mesa de Picnic

Interesante la doble funcion de esta mesa de picnic



One Response to Otra Mesa de Picnic

  1. You are a gracious host, KC. Let me add my hearty welcome to any of you who, like Missy, may have some misgivings about certain “commitments” on my part or questions about the potential implications of viewing John 3:16 within a narrative framework. The test of whether the Spirit is involved in any given activity of the people of God is whether there is true “freedom” (2 Cor 3:17), and I yearn to see more of that among advocates of Free Grace.It is always interesting to see what happens when I approach the text asking what God was “thinking” as he inspired the human author to write what he did. In this case, I came out with a greater love for and appreciation of Jesus, my Savior. It’s hard to put into words, but God’s grace seems even more free, and I want even more to embrace people who still seem (at least to me)…well…stuck. I did not know Zane Hodges personally but I can imagine this was the way he must have felt for most of his life and ministry.I can’t think of a better tribute to Zane’s legacy than to move ahead in the natural directions that his work has “pointed” me for over 25 years; I only hope this “narrative exploration” of the implications of John 3:16 will honor that legacy and perhaps also inspire others to enter into the adventure on the firm theological foundation of Free Grace. Click http://link.mx/hool082015


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